Organic products

Productos orgánicos

Suara is a multidisciplinary project born in Barcelona in 2008 with design as the protagonist and the cat as the main axis in our collections.

We are part of the new social revolution that doesn’t conceive another future without responsible consumption, fair trade and a strong ethical and social commitment.

Ethical commitment

Compromiso ético

Suara is earthfriendly. We create collections with low environmental impacts and rigorously taking care of the entire production process from raw materials to finished products in order to avoid being part of abusive labor practices.

That is why we have international certificates that honor our commitment.

Compromiso ético

Social commitment

Compromiso social

We destine the benefits to Suara Foundation, whose main aim is to offer better living conditions to street cats in Barcelona and spread their figure.

Once the necessary veterinary care has been offered, cats are moved to the Cat House of the foundation, located in Born of Barcelona to help them in the adaptation process and then be adopted in the future by a good family.

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