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Meow Cat (Knit)
Meow Cat (Knit)
Meow Cat (Knit)
Meow Cat (Knit)
Meow Cat (Knit)
Meow Cat (Knit)
Meow Cat (Knit)

Meow Cat (Man)


We believe in responsible and conscious consumption. To make this garment we have used RECOVER yarn, from recycled materials, in a small workshop in Barcelona. This limited edition jersey is part of Upcycling Project, a clothing line created with recycled materials. Latest sizes!

Grey melange knit jersey with regular fit. Cats motif in light grey melange and  "Suara" up of left cuff. 

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This garment is part of the Upcycling Project #1. Where some people see used clothing as scraps, we see the possibility of creating new garments through recycling. 

Suara is very environment friendly and we are proud you are part of it.

To made this garment we have used Recover yarns, the first family of Recover Upcycled Cotton yarns blended with virgin fibers for specific performance, comfort and value.

50% upcycled cotton, 45% acrylic, 5% others fibers

In order to wash it, after a good party, please follow the instructions on the label to match the best washing program.


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