Catilicious candle


The new edition of Catilicious. Put your senses to work and discover that not everything is what it seems. Do not be fooled by its presentation because the real surprise is inside. The indescribable feeling of being by the fireplace while you look out the window on a cold winter afternoon hides in this candle with an appearance that deceives the eye. This flavored candle is handmade in Barcelona and is a limited edition of only 100 units.

More information:
Top notes: bergamot, quince and blueberries.
Heart notes: wild forest scent, Earl Gray tea.
Background notes: rosewood, pine, musk.

Composition: paraffin and perfume
Approximate duration of 15 hours.
Weight: 65gr
Measures: 6.9 in diameter and 2.4cm high



Terms and conditions




Purchase terms

- Keep within sight.
- Keep away from children and pets.
- Place vertically and on a suitable surface.
- Keep away from drafts and flammable objects.
- Turn off the candle before it is consumed until the end.


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