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Cat Yoga Experience- Swasthya Yoga (23rd November 2019)


What do you need to join the Cat Yoga Experience?
To join us, you don’t have to be a yoga expert, you just to need to be willing to live a relaxed and funny moment. Bring comfortable clothes. If you need, you can change at the Cat House. We provide yoga mats but you can bring your own if you prefer.

Date: Saturday 23rd November
Schedule: 10.30h
Places: 9

Cat House de Suara Foundation
Calle de la Fusina 6, local 2
08003 Barcelona

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Yoga focuses attention on the present moment and expand body awareness, allows to generate inner strength, in addition to quieting the mind, reduce stress, reduce tension and anxiety. It is not by chance that this discipline has naturally joined cats since they also give us similar benefits.

Beyond yoga in the company of cats.
We have prepared a complete experience. We will dedicate the first 15 minutes to familiarize ourselves with the space and the cats of the Cat House. Once the right environment has been created, we will be prepared to connect with our body in a conscious way through a 1-hour Swasthya Yoga * class taught by the instructor Mariana Chiavini. After the session, we will enjoy a relaxing time in the company of Cat House cats.

* Swasthya Yoga is considered the oldest, pre-classical yoga, which was rescued by Professor DeRose in 1960 and systematized in an integrated practice in eight parts, each with a set of techniques, which prepare the mind and body for meditation , in a process of self-knowledge and expansion of consciousness. It is a pleasure for us to have the expert Mariana Chiavini, director of her DeROSE Method studio in the Eixample.

Cat Yoga Experience
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