Meow Cat (Knit)
Meow Cat (Knit)

Bowie Cat (Man)


Only by changing the way we act can we reinvent the future. That's what David Bowie did, and that's what we do with circular fashion. Upcycling Project is our initiative to create, through recycling, garments with low environmental impact and highly sustainable. Bowie Cat produced in limited edition in a small craft workshop in Barcelona with RECOVER yarn.

Medium vigore gray knitted sweater with Bowie Cat design.

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This garment is part of Upcycling Project. Through recycling we create garments with low environmental impact and highly sustainable.

To make this garment, RECOVER yarn has been used, the first family of recycled material yarns from PET plastic, discarded garments and other recycled materials. With the RECOVER thread we save water, energy, CO2 emissions and toxic chemicals. Fashion can also be part of the solution.

Suara is responsible with the environment and we are proud that you are too. Consume responsibly.

To wash it, we recommend following the instructions on the label to better adjust the washing program.


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