Cat Jenga (purple sewing line)

New version of Jenga by cleverly combining cutout kitty poses with the game’s precarious stacking challenge. Players have to balance the wooden cat-shaped pieces on top of one another, as high as they can, with the hope that the feline silhouettes don't topple over. 

Cat Pile by Comma have four different pattern. Each pattern has six cats. Which can be stacked up, arrayed in any combination you like. The winner will be who stack up the highest. Good luck! 

Package info: 165 mm(L) x 75mm(W) x 6mm(H).

Four different color for sewing line (blue, green, orange and purple) on packing bag for your identification.

Cat size: each cat about 40mm x 40mm.

Recommended age: +5 years.

Material: teak.

Each piece is handmade.

13,00 €

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